Great Grandmaster Ernesto Presas Sr. - Berdugo Martial Arts Center

(May 20, 1945 – November 1, 2010)

You will always be in our hearts. Thank you!

Grandmaster Mike Bowers - Berdugo Martial Arts Center Guro Ron Carlbom - Berdugo Martial Arts Center

Black Belts

Students at Berdugo Martial Arts Center work hard when training in Kombatan, Presas Style. With Kombatan being a complete art, there's a vast wealth of knowledge and skills that students must be proficient in. We don't give out or guarantee Black Belts at BMAC. It takes years of hard work and dedication for a student to earn even their first Black Belt. The following is a list of all BMAC students who have achieved the rank of at least 1st Dan in Kombatan.


  • Guro Ron Carlbom, Lakan Tatlo (3rd Dan)
  • Guro Dr. Jackson, Lakan Tatlo (3rd Dan)
  • Sir Isidro Sanchez, Lakan Dalawa (2nd Dan)
  • Sir Clifford Dibelka, Lakan Dalawa (2nd Dan)


  • Master James Miyaki, Lakan Walo (8th Dan)
  • Master Daniel Tiliano, Lakan Anim (6th Dan)
  • Guro Ted Villanueva, Lakan Apat (4th Dan)
  • Guro Rick Brock, Lakan Apat (4th Dan)
  • Sir Jeff Schulden, Lakan Dalawa (2nd Dan)
  • Sir Mike Millikin, Lakan Dalawa (2rd Dan)
  • Sir Albert Tabino, Lakan Dalawa (2nd Dan)
  • Sir Allen Stokes, Lakan Dalawa (2nd Dan)
  • Ma'am Roya Behbehani, Lakan Isa (1st Dan)
  • Sir Lona Vongthongthip, Lakan Isa (1st Dan)
  • Sir Stephen Dietrich, Lakan Tatlo (3rd Dan)
  • Sir Alan Jackson, Lakan Isa (1st Dan)
  • Sir James Stafford, Lakan Isa (1st Dan)
  • Ma'am Kate Hill, Lakan Isa (1st Dan)
  • Sir Adam Gibbons, Lakan Isa (1st Dan)
  • Guro Tom Harpham, Lakan Tatlo (3rd Dan)
  • Sir Niko Harpham, Lakan Isa (1st Dan)
  • Sir Draygon Anderson, Lakan Isa (1st Dan)
  • Sir Todd Fineman, Lakan Dalawa (2nd Dan)