Adult Classes

Berdugo Martial Arts Center is committed to your personal fitness goals and development as a martial artist. We offer a variety of programs that can be tailored to your needs. You can train a little or train a lot! It’s up to you. Our programs include the Basic Program, Unlimited Program, Master Program, and individual classes like the Combat Knife or Philippines classes. BMAC students may also schedule private classes with Grandmaster Bowers.

Basic Program:

With our Basic Program, you can train twice a week in any of the Basic curriculum classes. We offer six Basic classes a week (Monday through Thursday evenings, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings.) In the Basic classes you will work on Kombatan curriculum, as set up by Great Grandmaster Ernesto Presas. You’ll start with the fundamentals of Level 1 and progress from there.

Unlimited Program:

In the Unlimited Program, you can train as much as you want in any of the Basic or “Berdugo” classes. You can train in up to eight classes a week if you want! These include all of the Basic classes mentioned above, as well as the two extra Berdugo classes, offered Monday and Wednesday evenings. The Berdugo classes offer more of a combat oriented training experience (not that Kombatan isn’t already combative). Berdugo classes include but are not limited to sparring, takedowns, and combat conditioning. We recommend this program so that students can maximize their training time and immerse themselves in the art.

Introductory Program

Our Introductory Program was created for those who want to train at our school, but can’t afford the time/money to make a big commitment to the art right now. We understand. If that’s your situation, then this program’s for you. With our Introductory Program, you can train four times a week - Mondays and Wednesdays, from 7pm-9pm in both our Basic and Berdugo classes. In the Basic classes you will work on Kombatan fundamentals with the rest of our excellent students. In the Berdugo classes (normally reserved for the Unlimited and Masters Programs), you’ll get to apply those fundamentals in more of a combat oriented environment and throw down with us a little bit. More Info.

Masters Program:

After showing a certain degree of proficiency in the art, some students may enroll in the Master’s Program. This program allows students to train in any class they want, including Knife Combat and the Philippines class. Students have to get approval from Grandmaster Bowers first.

Individual Classes:

BMAC offers additional classes to students who want to supplement their training. Students in the Basic and Unlimited Programs can pay a fee to join these additional classes. For students in the Masters Program, these classes are all included.

Knife Combat:

The knife class teaches the reality of the knife by placing the student into safe yet high intensity situations. These include scenarios geared towards knife evasion, disarming, drawing and counterattack. Using the electrified shock knife in these situations often enhances the reality of the knife, because nothing pumps your adrenaline and awareness more than a little zap (don’t worry it’s safe!).

Philippines Class:

As part of a worldwide organization, Berdugo Martial Arts Center participates in the International Philippine Martial Arts Federation’s World Camp that’s held in the Philippines every two years. This class thoroughly prepares students for that trip with intense, fast-paced training that integrates the Kombatan curriculum with advanced techniques and weapons (6’ staff, projectiles, stick, knife, etc.)

As we maintain these close ties to the Philippine culture, students also get instruction in the Philippine culture as well as how to travel safely and comfortably in the Philippines.


Our method of combative sparring brings together the entire Kombatan curriculum into flux in high-adrenaline sparring using padded sticks, training knife or hand-to-hand (mano-mano). Much of the sparring is done with full protective equipment (head gear, gloves, body armor, etc.). This allows for full contact combative sparring where students learn that “taking a hit to give a hit” is often fatal on the street. Everyone gets to test their skills in a fun, action packed environment making this a favorite class for those interested in the best reality-based training available.

Private Classes

For those wish to accelerate and enhance their Kombatan training or want specific self-defense (e.g., knife, gun disarming, etc.) or fitness instruction, private lessons are available with Grandmaster Bowers. These can be individual or small group classes and are available by appointment.

Berdugo Martial Arts Center - Adult Class Berdugo Martial Arts Center - Adult Class