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All workshops event open workshops (ROAR, Right Of Admission Reserved). We strive to promote combative training to socially responsible law abiding citizens for their personal protection.
Date Topic Explanation Comment
Saturday 09h30-13h30

May 16,2015

Berdugo Martial Arts Center
Edged Weapons core skills progression Core edged weapon concepts dealing with the dynamics of edged weapon confrontations. Most edged weapons confrontations do not start in a blade on blade context yet blade on blade skills are a good base line for understanding edged weapons and their attributes. This workshop lays the foundation for other aspects of edged weapon concepts such as empty hand vs knife and weapon access while under attack.
  • Context and pressure of edged weapons confrontations
  • Targeting and effective diminishment
  • Forward and reverse grip dynamics
  • A logical progression for countering and re-countering
  • Supporting and protective use of jacket arm wrap (exploring it's practicality against edged weapons)
This course lays the foundation for other aspects of edged weapon conepts such as empty hand vs knife.
Member (Sat & Sun): $225

Non-Member (Sat & Sun): $250
Sunday 09h30-13h30

May 17,2015

Berdugo Martial Arts Center
Machete (Panga)

The machete is the heavy weight of the blade world. Unlike other larger blades such as Bowie-type blades that allow dexterous movements such as back cuts and precision thrusts the machete is “shot gun” of the blade world requiring its own balance of speed and power.

  • Machete handling skills and attributes
  • Targeting and timing
  • Footwork
  • Attacks and counter attacking

Tuesday Evening


May 19, 2015

Berdugo Martial Arts Center

MDW - Achieving knife-on-knife disarms Understanding when and where disarms are available during the chaos of edged weapon confrontations
  • Understanding the context in which blade disarms are achievable and why they may be a necessary skillset
  • Gross motor and technical attributes
  • Recognizing and reacting to disarming opportunities
Member: $100

Non-Member: $125

Wednesday Evening


May 20, 2015

Berdugo Martial Arts Center

Handgun disarms and vehicle holdups

Fire-arm disarms require various elements to be in place in order to be achievable. It is important to note that the vast majority of fatal shootings in take place within arm’s reach often with loose contact. For this reason we believe that firearm disarms should be part of every toolkit.

Course members will learn the key mechanics of disarms to disarm a threat to their person or to disarm a person that may be pointing a firearm at someone else and then bring these skills into the context of vehicle holdups and car-jackings.

Member: $100

Non-Member: $125

Friday evening 18h00-21h30

Saturday 11h00 till late

May 22, 2015

Berdugo Martial Arts Center

MDW - Handgun-handling skills: Dry Fire

A perfect refresher to refresh or get up to speed with handling skills if you are going to attend any of our tactical courses in the future.

If you're a bit rusty or new to handguns, this course will get you on track with your weapon handling, access and safety.

Course Contents:

  • Understanding handgun designs and actions
  • Tactical handling skills and use of handguns
  • Accessing your handgun (open and concealed carry options)
  • Fundamental marksmanship and index shooting
  • Dealing with malfunctions
Member: $100

Non-Member: $125

Saturday 09h30-15h30

Sunday 09h30-15h30

May 23-24, 2015

Berdugo Martial Arts Center

MDW Portland - Fighting in and around vehicles: Handgun

This course deals with skills necessary to react positively when - simply driving out of high risk conditions is impractical or denied. Because of the pace and mobile nature of this course there will be a large emphasis on safety.

Course Contents:

  • Weapon-handling skills for combat in and around vehicles
  • Vehicle terminal ballistics
  • Vehicle gun fighting concepts and force-on-force exercises
  • Live-fire drills

Presenter: Mark Human

Cost: Call Michael Bowers at Berdugo Martial Arts for availability (503)657-3408.