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Located in Clackamas, Oregon, we are a direct school from the Philippines and are under the direction of Great Grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas Sr. (founder and president of this system). This school is sanctioned by the International Philippine Martial Arts Federation (IPMAF).


We offer a variety of programs for Adults and Children. We offer Kombatan Martial Arts, Multidimential Warrior, ACT Personal Safety, and More.

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Learn about our instructors at Berugo Martial Arts Center. We pride ourselves in having the best instructors through years of hardwork and dedication.

History of Kombatan

The Philippines is an island nation in the Western Pacific of almost 70 million people where more than 70 dialects are spoken. Over the centuries the Philippines has been a crossroad for various cultures trading and fighting.

Kali is the mother art of the modern Filipino Martial Arts. Records from the Malay Sri-Vishaya empire dating to the 8th century A.D. refer to Kali as the art of the Philippines. According to historians, the Ten Datus of Borneo brought there fighting methods to the island of Panay. Here, basic reading, writing and Kali were taught in the schools.


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